Thursday, 3 March 2011

vintage kitchen

coral + navy = my new love

this pair is certainly making it's way
into the popular color crowd this spring.
i thought i would squeeze in a bit of each of them into our office kitchen.
i was hoping to find a navy cuckoo clock-but, no luck yet!
if you happen to find one...message me, please!

although this kitchen will be quite simple...
{the walls will actually look a bit whiter than
what the sample shows}
...and, i've always wanted grey cabinets.
i know, strange isn't it?
they just come off so clean, calm and simple.
and who couldn't use a little more peace and calming
in their lives...especially in a busy, bustling office like ours.

this kitchen is strategically small, and did i mention cozy?  
it's the kitchy kind of cozy. (:

 i don't want to go crazy
and add too much of any one color accent...
so, i'm adding a lot of color accents - 
and keeping them all on the down low.
instead of less is more-i'm going for smaller is larger??? 
or, something like that.
you get me, right?

thanks for stopping by-
i can't wait to show you the finished product!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

52 s. main street

we moved into a new space in downtown rockford.
we love our new location.
we love our new space...
but, our new space could use some tender love!

in the next few weeks our space will feel smothered
by all the love and attention it will get. 

i cannot wait!

this is the plan for the front office...

{i hope mandy, our office manager,
feels the love too!
we *heart you mandy!!}