Thursday, 3 March 2011

vintage kitchen

coral + navy = my new love

this pair is certainly making it's way
into the popular color crowd this spring.
i thought i would squeeze in a bit of each of them into our office kitchen.
i was hoping to find a navy cuckoo clock-but, no luck yet!
if you happen to find one...message me, please!

although this kitchen will be quite simple...
{the walls will actually look a bit whiter than
what the sample shows}
...and, i've always wanted grey cabinets.
i know, strange isn't it?
they just come off so clean, calm and simple.
and who couldn't use a little more peace and calming
in their lives...especially in a busy, bustling office like ours.

this kitchen is strategically small, and did i mention cozy?  
it's the kitchy kind of cozy. (:

 i don't want to go crazy
and add too much of any one color accent...
so, i'm adding a lot of color accents - 
and keeping them all on the down low.
instead of less is more-i'm going for smaller is larger??? 
or, something like that.
you get me, right?

thanks for stopping by-
i can't wait to show you the finished product!

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  1. I like this too! So excited to see it all take shape!