Tuesday, 24 April 2012

lattice + dots...a nice surprise!

kitchens...there are so many options
and layers to play with...
how does one decide?

one of my clients will be kicking some tail in her new kitchen...
she is getting a tile wall with open shelves that 
are gonna make people never want to leave her house!
this little number was her inspiration piece.

012510tiledkitchen02.jpg                                                                                 thank you apartment therapy!!
                             the tile that is on my wish list...
                             i call it gotta terra cotta...cause i just gotta!!
                                                           ann sacks
isn't she lovely??
isn't she wonderful?

let's get into some accessories!
some pretties that we could put behind your glass doors.
if you are looking for a type of glass to put in those doors...
german antique my friend! 
 it's the glassiest love that i have!!

yes, vessels and wares...i gotta have this too!
this would be perfect in a glass cabinet.

Wooden Spoons Set of 4: , Sky Blue, White, Grey and Sunny Yellow

                                     vesselsandwares               &                windinwillowhome

            a stash of these might be a necessity as well!!

have some fun with adding color
to your kitchen...
whether its new or old-
color is commodity...
get some!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

crushing on...

does anyone else get a bit
of an adrenaline rush
pulling into a target
parking lot?

i call it my crush store.
i have so many little crushes 
on a lot of STUFF in their
sweet, little innocent aisles.

oh, target.  you had me at hello.


Tear Drop Lamp Base - MediumMix-and-Match Lamp - Glass Lamp Base - Large

the chevron shade is a must have...
and, who couldn't use a little lamp-shaped love?

finally...we've got something
to look at...pieces of art, no?

Mix-and-Match Lamp - Polyresin Lamp Base - Large
Seagoing Stacked Resin Medium Lamp Base.Opens in a new windowMix-and-Match Lamp - Polyresin Lamp Base - Large.Opens in a new window

{i threw in a couple pieces of furniture because i couldn't  stand not sharing these with YOU!}

Dolce Upholstered Accent Arm Chair - Grey Strands Sterling.Opens in a new window
$149.99 - beautiful chair for a sitting room, 
 or kitchen space!

Upholstered End of Bed Storage Ottoman
this little piece of wonder is perfect for a front entry...
 place two in your bedroom at the end of your bed.
$99 each

**if you know my friend emilee - with 2 e's, she is putting this in her front entry.
she also snagged a light and shade to go with it.
i'm so jealous and so very happy 
that these pretties found a home. 

happy day!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

simple ways to accessorize your space

i created this idea board for a client who
is finishing her master bedroom.
doesn't that sound amazing...
to finish the one room that
often doesn't get as much
attention as it deserves.

if you walked into the room today,
you would think that it looks great.
their home is fairly new and
their story is similiar to most when building...
the details start with main selections of the house-
the furniture and accessories seem to always come later.

your master bedroom is your retreat,
your haven.
your time-out place, if you will.
it deserves some much needed time and attention.

and, if you are on a budget, like i am...
it's a bit trickier to make some large purchases to begin with.
baby steps...purchase a pillow with some bling on it.
can i wear this? please?
$14.99 each

buy some vintage vases for your armoir or dresser.
i'm sure they would enjoy some pretties now and then.
it's as if you are buying them a bracelet-or a pair of earrings.
accessorize your furniture. (:
it will make you so happy.
or, maybe a good goal is to just clear out the clutter!!
allow 5 items to stay on top of  your dresser-MAX.


maybe a simple night stand will do...


and lastly...new bedding may be in order!

i am so happy for you, kerri...
i can't wait to see it completed!

**all of the above items are from west elm...in their clearance section. ;)

Friday, 3 February 2012

feels like a font friday!

sometimes, i need change.
i crave it.
so, i start small - 
and often, it's the small changes 
that make the best pop!

like, fonts...
i'm obsessed with fonts.

getting a new font
is like buying a new pair of pillows for my sofa...
or, a new lamp shade for my favorite lamp.

these fonts are deliciously yummy!
and the best part...they're  FREE!

i even threw in tangerine...as its this years
hottest and trendiest color.

you can find these fonts at lost type.
have so much fun...
p.s.  tell your special someone
that you are lost without them- will ya?