Saturday, 5 November 2011

re-purposed and diy headboards...

i fell hard for fiveoeight...
they are a fabulous couple who
creates new things out of old.
they also re-purpose and renovate pieces of furniture-
and everything they touch, that i've seen, looks amazing!
so inspiring!

DIY: Barnwood Headboard

another diy-er...
love her work and tutorials too!
check out this tufted headboard.

**all i want for christmas is a staple gun and fabric**

tufted headboard final

i have adored this headboard for quite some time...
you can also see the twin headboards made of drop clothes in
this link.

so clever House*Tweaking!!

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  1. DIY headboards are a surprisingly easy project, especially if you're not going with a unique shape. All you really have to do is trim the padding foam, plot out button holes, drill them in the wood, glue it all together, and cover and button!