Friday, 3 February 2012

feels like a font friday!

sometimes, i need change.
i crave it.
so, i start small - 
and often, it's the small changes 
that make the best pop!

like, fonts...
i'm obsessed with fonts.

getting a new font
is like buying a new pair of pillows for my sofa...
or, a new lamp shade for my favorite lamp.

these fonts are deliciously yummy!
and the best part...they're  FREE!

i even threw in its this years
hottest and trendiest color.

you can find these fonts at lost type.
have so much fun...
p.s.  tell your special someone
that you are lost without them- will ya?


  1. Sweet! I am font obsessed as well! Maybe we should start a support group! ;) thanks for the hook-up!

  2. You have hit the bullseye by saying that its the small changes that make the best pop. Small things overtime build up to have a strong impact.